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Luncheon Seminar

  • Organized by Logos Biosystems
  • Date Mon. (Sep. 23) 12:40 ~ 14:30
  • Room 211, 2F
  • Title Deeplabel immuno-staining technology and advanced tissue clearing system for high-resolution 3D imaging: Application in Alzheimer's disease research

Brief Description

Neurons are functional units as a form of three dimensional network. The connection at synapses is critical for the normal neural functions such as cognition, memory, learning and emotion and deterioration of the connectivity is the cause of brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease. Amyloid plaques, accumulation of the vicious proteins including amyloid in the brain, has been the hallmark of Alzheimer’s disease, however, the circuit level understanding of the amyloid plaques is limited. In this presentation, I will talk about the utilization of Deeplabel immune-staining coupled with tissue clearing system to unveil the three dimensional aspect of neural circuit damages of brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease.

* On-site Registration is required.