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What is CJK?

In recent years, neuroscience research has seen a growing number of international collaborative projects. Furthermore, neuroscience in Northeast Asia, including China, Japan, and Korea, is advancing explosively, both quantitatively and qualitatively, as fueled by aggressive support from their corresponding governments, which also led to an increased pool of young neuroscientists. In this context, there are growing needs to further facilitate collaborative research exchange among these three neighboring countries in Northeast Asia by hosting a large-scale joint academic conference.
Thus far, neuroscientists in these three countries had to rely on the SFN in the US and FENS in Europe in terms of large international conferences. In light of the fact that the successes of SFN and FENS have rapidly advanced neuroscience in North American and European countries, launching the third large conference in Asia would be essential for advances in neuroscience not only in Asia but throughout the globe. To this end, neuroscience societies in China, Japan, and Korea (CJK) attempt to launch a biannual CJK Neuroscience meeting like the FENS and invite eminent speakers worldwide to facilitate academic exchange and provide a platform for joint research. Estimated participants of the meeting would be 5,000 ~7,000 like FENS. However, CJK biannual meeting will be not exclusive to other Asian Oceania countries.
For this purpose, the three neuroscience societies in CJK have decided to form a CJK task force committee to continually discuss matters relevant to the neuroscience meeting and have agreed to launch the first CJK Neuroscience meeting in 2021 led by the Japanese Neuroscience Society. Furthermore, as a preliminary event, the CJK subcommittee was established in 2019 under support from the IBRO, and it was decided to form and run 12 CJK sessions in Korea, where the IBRO World Congress will be held.

CJK Presidents

  • Tadashi Isa, President of The Japan Neuroscience Society
  • Shumin Duan, President of The Chinese Neuroscience Society
  • Sung-Oh Huh, President of The Korean Society for Brain and Neural Sciences

Current members of the CJK task force committee

  • Shumin Duan, President, Chinese Neuroscience Society (CNS)
  • Shigang He, Vice-president, CNS
  • Minmin Luo, National Institute of Biological Sciences
  • Hailan Hu, Zhejiang University
  • Kexin Yuan, Tsinghua University
  • Tadashi Isa, President of Japan Neuroscience Society (JNS)
  • Haruhiko Bito, Chair, International affairs, JNS
  • Toshihisa Ohtsuka, Secretary General, JNS
  • Yukiko Goda, RIKEN CBS
  • Kazutaka Ikeda, Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Sciences
  • Sung-Oh Huh, President, Korea Society for Brain and Neural Sciences (KSBNS)
  • Jin-Woo Kim, Secretary General, KSBNS
  • Jong Eun Lee, President-elect, KSBNS (2020)
  • Inah Lee, Secretary General-elect, KSBNS (2020)
  • Bong-Kiun Kaang, Ex-President, KSBNS

CJK subcommittee of IBRO SPC

  • Shumin Duan, Zhejiang University School of Medicine
  • Minmin Luo, National Institute of Biological Sciences
  • Hailan Hu, Zhejiang University School of Medicine
  • Tadashi Isa, Kyoto University
  • Haruhiko Bito, The University of Tokyo Graduate School of Medicine
  • Kazutaka Ikeda, Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science
  • Bong-Kiun Kaang, Chair Seoul National University
  • Heon Jeong Lee, Korea University
  • Eun Hye Jo, Ajou University
  • Sung-Jin Jeong, Korea Brain Research Institute