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Luncheon Seminar

  • Organized by DNA Link
  • Date Sun. (Sep. 22) 12:40 ~ 14:30
  • Room 324, 3F
  • Title Neuroscience at True Resolution - From Single Cell to Spatial Transcriptomics with 10x Genomics
  • Speaker 1.KEN OSAKI(10x Genomics) 2.JOONG KYONG KIM(Department of New biology, DGIST) 3.NIKHIL RAO(10x Genomics)

Brief Description

1. Gain a Multidimensional View of Complex Biology
Whether you want to generate more complete cost-effective genomes, study complex biological systems at a single cell resolution, or investigate the adaptive immune system, 10x Genomics offers solutions to accelerate your research. 10x provides innovative tools to allow you to characterize single cells, single spatial regions, and other cellular features to help you gain a multi-dimensional view of biology. Learn how 10x Genomics can help you gain novel insights using our genomics, epigenomics and transcriptomics products.

2. Dissecting cellular heterogeneity using single-cell RNA-seq
Cell-to-cell variability in gene expression exists even in a homogeneous population of cells. Dissecting such cellular heterogeneity within a biological system is a prerequisite for understanding how a biological system is developed, homeostatically regulated, and responds to external perturbations. Single-cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq) allows the quantitative and unbiased characterization of cellular heterogeneity by providing genome-wide molecular profiles from tens of thousands of individual cells. In this talk, I present an overview of scRNA-seq protocols and apply this approach to dissect cellular heterogeneity in hippocampus, stomach and adipose tissues.

3. Visium Spatial Gene Expression Solution: Discover the Genes that Matter While Preserving Spatial Information.
The relationship between cells and their relative locations within a tissue sample can be critical to understanding disease pathology. Spatial transcriptomics is a groundbreaking technology that allows scientists to measure all the gene activity in a tissue section and map where the activity is occurring. Already, this technology is leading to new discoveries that will prove instrumental in helping scientists gain a better understanding of biological processes and disease. Here we show how 10x Visium’s technology can achieve mRNA whole transcriptome gene signatures with high resolution in tissue sections. The technology provides an entire end-to-end section to library workflow that can be done in under one day. Visualization tools provide ways of analyzing the data paired with a standard H&E image to trace gene expression and identifies cell cluster populations in the context of the image. We show how this technology provides a much clearer picture in applications such as oncology, neuroscience, immunology, and cardiovascular science in a way that has never been done before.

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